Harmonized secondary packaging system for ease of operation


As a small or medium-sized producer you need a simple, streamlined and easy-to-operate packaging system that doesn’t occupy a lot of space. But most importantly, it needs to respond to the key market requirements that keep you awake at night.

Keeping your best interests at heart, Bosch Packaging Technology has recently developed a secondary packaging system solution consisting of the Kliklok Integrated Topload Cartoner (ITC) and the Elematic 1001 sideload case packer. Combined, they offer powerful benefits that solve your daily challenges.

Compact footprint with reliable output

Firstly, the new Bosch solution answers your need for a simple yet efficient system with minimal footprint needed. It is possible thanks to the unique design of the Kliklok ITC, which combines three packaging processes – carton forming, product loading, and carton closing – in one machine producing up to 80 cartons per minute. The minimal footprint of the Kliklok ITC is enhanced by the ergonomic design of the Elematic 1001 SL. Thanks to such features as low magazine height for easy loading plus high visibility during the packaging process, the case packer is efficient and user-friendly for reliable production.

Kliklok ITC

Kliklok ITC – Integrated Topload Cartoner

Flexibility to switch as you wish

In today’s busy world, food producers need to switch from one format to another – sometimes as often as three times a day. Therefore, it is important to invest in a solution that offers fast and easy changeovers as well as a vertical restart. Bosch’s latest system solution enables you to pack flow wraps, roll wraps or die-fold into cartons which then go into RSC cases ranging from small to very big collations, including big formats of up to 600x400x350 mm.

Elematic 1001

Elematic 1001 SL case packer

Ease of maintenance that saves your budget

We all know how machine downtime can ruin a perfectly planned day. To avoid any delays in changeovers, we designed our secondary system solution to make its operation and maintenance as easy as possible. One example is the ergonomic design, which saves labor costs as one person can effectively manage the tool-less changeover in less than 15 minutes. Moreover, most of the important machine parts (like magazine, HMI 4.0, glue tank, and product infeed) are all on one side of the machine, allowing easy access and faster cleaning. Plus, the machines have an open frame design without hollow bodies to fulfill the growing hygienic demands of customers.
With Bosch’s system solution for secondary packaging the small footprint saves you space, the ergonomics save you labor costs and the fast, tool-less changeovers save you time. Now you can produce cartons that not only protect your brand reputation, but also fulfill the needs of the whole logistic chain. Importantly, the whole system is easy to operate as it uses the same HMI for the same touch and feel.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with the Bosch team to find out how we can help you or visit www.bosch-cartoning-casepacking.com.