STATEC BINDER – Success story

Since 1990 Connolly's Red Mills has been packaging horse and pet food with STATEC BINDER machines. As Connolly’s Red Mills grew bigger, more and more products were exported. With the increased exportation, Connolly's Red Mills faced a unique problem: the shelf life of horse feed was limited to a few months. The solution was found together with STATEC BINDER: Nitrogen fumigation during filling.

Statec binder

"To be successful and to offer your customers the perfect solution for the packaging of their products, you have to be flexible as a company, understand the customer's individual requirements and most importantly, you have to be willing to offer customized solutions. This is exactly the strength of STATEC BINDER. That's why we accepted the challenging project from Connolly’s Red Mills to increase the shelf life of their products and started developing the bagging machine," explains Josef Lorger, Managing Director STATEC BINDER. 

The SYSTEM-F, a vertical Form-Fill-Seal packaging machine was a great choice for the development of the solution for this problem. A special system was made that provides nitrogen fumigation during filling. The nitrogen fumigation makes possible to reduce the level of oxygen in the bags and this in return increases the shelf-life of the product. Because of additional air suction before closing, the filled and closed bag is perfectly shaped for an equally well formatted pallet.


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