The Syntegon Virtual Show

With two weeks to go until the Syntegon Virtual show starts it is time to go through what will be shown at Syntegons virtual booth. Remember to register for the event here.

Packaging - horizontal seamless systems

From Waiblingen - Experts from Syntegon for intelligent and sustainable technologies are introducing three complete solutions for bars, cookies or crackers, and bakery products. The systems all have one thing in common: They offer customers flexible equipment from a single source with a number of sustainability benefits.

  • For bars, Syntegon Technology is showcasing a high-speed seamless system, including all steps from process technology up to case packing.
  • For bakery products, such as cupcakes, Syntegon Technology is presenting an all-round packaging system, featuring the direct depositing pullnose distribution station, the new Pack Feeder 4 and the Pack 403 horizontal flow wrapper.
  • For cookies and crackers Syntegon Technology is presenting a compact and high-speed solution, producing tight packs with fully recyclable mono-material films.

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Syntegon Technology is showcasing a high-speed seamless system for bars. Picture: Syntegon

Packaging – bagging and case packing system for powder applications

Remshalden/Weert –Syntegon Technology will present a bagging and case packing system for powder applications with brand new features at their virtual show.

  • Premier for SVE 3220 Doy Zip vertical bagger in combination with Elematic 2001 WAH case packer for powder applications and stand-up bags. The SVE 3220 Doy Zip and the Elematic 2001 stand out for their high levels of flexibility and productivity.
  • Recyclable mono-materials. Manufacturers can now process sustainable polyolefin-based mono-materials as well as paper packaging, enabling them to pack their products in the most popular bag styles, namely pillow, gusseted, block bottom, corner seal and Doy Zip bags.
  • 100 different case designs. The Elematic 2001 WAH case packer has been developed with a view to offering maximum pack style flexibility: it can now handle up to 100 different case designs, from simple trays to complex shelf-ready tray and hood cases on one machine with a speed of up to 40 cases per minute.

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The SVE 3220 Doy Zip and Elematic 2001 form a vertical bagging and case packing system. Picture: Syntegon

Confectionery - innovations for confectionery manufacturing

From Viersen / Waiblingen – Syntegon Technology is presenting its innovations for confectionery manufactuing.

  • BDS weighing dosing and mixing system. For candy masses, Syntegon Technology is unveiling the BDS weighing, dosing and mixing system for batchwise production with energy savings of 50 percent.
  • Hygienic magnetic stirrer for BMV mixing system. Syntegon Technology is showcasing the BMV mixing system featuring a hygienic magnetic stirrer.
  • Makat Mogul system. For the production of jellies, Syntegon Technology is showing the Makat mogul system with new components, including an inline weighing system, a newly designed chain-free de-stacker and innovative rotation nozzles for more effective cleaning processes.
  • RNC 6000 and RNC 3000 cleaning systems from Makat. Cleanability, ease of operation and resource efficiency play a key role for confectionery manufacturers. The two RNC systems stand out for their significantly reduced maintenance requirements and long lifetime. They are also available as upgrade kits and are therefore suitable for retrofitting existing machines.

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Syntegon Technology is presenting its innovations for confectionery manufactuing. Picture: Syntegon

Service – Remote service

Waiblingen – Syntegon Technology is not only a machine manufacturer but also supports customers with solutions and services throughout the entire machine life cycle. Specialist for processing and packaging technology at the Virtual Show 2020 emphasizes Syntegon’s focus on its service portfolio.

Considering the current circumstances, Syntegon not only offers a virtual event, but also provides services from afar. Right now, many customers use Remote Services when they need assistance with machine settings or troubleshooting. Visitors of the Virtual Show can look forward to an exclusive offer for this specific service.

  • Online services. E-portal, Syntegons online shop for spare parts and operator training courses are held virtually. Participants can choose the format according to their individual needs.
  • Predictive maintenance. In addition to preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance will become increasingly important in the future. Predictive maintenance will make downtime foreseeable and will ensure a trouble-free production.
  • MIRA (Machine Intelligence Reporting & Analytics) will be presented for the first time at the virtual show. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, the modular software solution detects wear and tear on process-critical components such as fans. Up to six weeks before a potential failure, it announces that a component needs replacing.

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Syntegon Technology supports customers with solutions and services throughout the entire machine life cycle. Picture: Syntegon

Further details to follow.