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ScanPack, 23-26.10.2018, stand B03:20

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Come meet us at ScanPack!
Our stand B03:20 is marked with green on the floor map.


The opening hours during ScanPack are the following:

Tuesday 23 October 10.00 - 17.00
Wednesday 24 October 09.00 - 17.00
Thursday 25 October 09.00 - 17.00
Friday 26 October 09.00 - 15.00

During the exhibition we, together with some of our principals will be exhibiting the following machines at our stand:

Bosch SVE 2520 DZ, VFFS packaging machine

During ScanPack Bosch will exhibit two of their machines at our stand. The SVE 2520 DZ machine is a versatile machine that produce pillow bags, bags with side gussets, block bottom bags, block bottom with corner sealing and Doy-bags with or without ZIP-reclosing. The vertical bagger is designed to be easy to use, convenient to clean and format changes are performed safe and easy. Typical products packed on a Bosch vertical bagger are sweets, chocolate, biscuits, bakery products, coffee, sugar, spices, flours, cereal, snacks, chips, nuts, dried fruit, deep frozen berries and vegetables, salads and breakfast products like cereals or granola. The vertical bagger is also suitable for meat-, fish-, and seafood products, grated cheese, cheese cubes and techno chemical products.


Bosch Pack 201, horizontal flowpack machine

The Bosch pack 201, a horizontal flowpack machine is designed to be easy to use and clean, format changes are easily done, and the machines are safe to use. The Pack 201 is suitable for both manual and automatic product feeding. Typical products packed with Bosch Flowpack machines are chocolate bars or tabs, biscuits, crispbread, fresh goods, cheeses, technical products, diagnostic products and cards. Flowpack machines are also suitable for baked product like buns, doughnuts, muffins and pies. Biscuits and crispbread can be packed either on pile, on edge or grouped in a tray.


Mekitec MEKI x-ray machine

Mekitec will exhibit their smallest x-ray machine MEKI™ at our stand during ScanPack. The MEKI™ x-ray machine is one of the smallest food quality inspection machines on the market and can manage products up to 230mm in length and 100mm in height. It is easy to control, and you can easily switch programs due to its simple and easy to understand HMI control system. MEKI™ X-ray devices recognize metal, bone, stainless steel, glass, stones, hard plastic and HD-plastic. The MEKI™ can be equipped with a checkweigher. 


Probat UW 500.2 grinder

Probat will be exhibiting their UW 500.2 grinder with us at ScanPack. The UW 500.2 grinder is Probat’s latest grinder design for coffee. The grinder is manufactured for different types of coffee, from course ground to fine grinded espresso coffee to meet the needs of the customer. The grinder has a clean and simple design and the HMI system makes it easy to change program settings on the grinder. The grinder does not only ensure a high-quality product but also ensures easy access to vital areas on the grinder for service technicians.


Statec Binder dosing machine weigher

Statec Binder will showcase their weigher filling equipment for filling of sacks at our stand at ScanPack. The filling equipment is flexible with a high accuracy and easy to use HMI system. The weigher can also be used for automatic filling of Big-Bags. Statec Binder is specialized in bag filling, ranging from 5-50 kg, Big-Bag filling and palletizing. If the product is not suitable for weigher filling Statec Binder also offers a belt- or an auger filler.


Smart Robotics Cobot palletizer

Smart Robotics are our newest principal and they will be exhibiting their Cobot palletizer at our stand during ScanPack. Their cobot palletizer is flexible with a high accuracy and is easy to operate. The cobot can work with people and among people and does not require fencing off. Because of the smart software, the robots can easily adjust themselves to a new assignment or changes in the environment or product range. With the smart software, cobots do not require any application dependent programming or teach-in. The Smart Palletizer is generally used at the end of a production line for palletizing products in an ultra-flexible way. Working together with people, the Smart Palletizer requires minimum space and is directly accessible from all sides. Lifting products up to 8kg, the Smart Palletizer reduces the strain on people.



Smart Palletizer
- with Smart Robotics

Kafeko Nordic has started co-operation with the Dutch company Smart Robotics, www.smart-robotics.nl. They have a totally new and smart concept to integrate cobots to work among people.

Smart palletizer®

- is powered by smart software

- takes up a minimum space

- can be quickly installed

- needs no security fences

- is easy to use, needs no programming or teach-in

- can handle boxes, CBL crates, bags or trays with product 

Smart palletizer® is working together with people, requires minimum space and is directly accessible from all sides. It is lifting products up to 8 kg with a speed of 7 cycles per minute, in duo pick-up up to 14 boxes per minute. A new  Smart palletizer® is up in production within 2 hours. 


Salgschef Ulf Svahn

sales ulf

Vi er glade att kunne meddele at Kafeko fra den 12 Februar udvidere salgsstyken med ansættelse af salgschef Ulf Svahn. Fra vores nye kontor i Skåne skal Ulf sammen med Lars Andersson, Johan Hintze og Annelie Philipp repæsentere Kafeko på det Svenske Marked.

Statec Binder Big Bag

Sække fylder og palletering maskiner fra Statec-Binder

Kafeko Nordic er fra den 1 januar 2017 official repræsentant for det Østriges firma Statec-binder GmbH.

 Statec Binder er blandet de førende leverandører worldwide indenfor:

  • Pakkesystemer for pose og sække med fyldevægt fra 5 -80 kg, der kan anvendes præfabrikeret sække, eller sække/pose fra ruller eller som tube på rulle
  • Fyldestationer for Big.Bag
  • Palleterings systemer for sække ved hjælp at højlaster/lagerpalletere, samt robot palletere.

For mere informatiom on deres produktprogram som turnkey projekter besøg gerne www.statec-binder.at.